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released January 27, 2017

Thanks very much for listening

All tracks written/recorded/performed/whatever by Jim O'Donnell
Recorded and mixed in my room; artwork drawing by Kelsey Davenport; design by me

Thanks to DG Veronica
Additional vocals by Veronica Little on tracks 2, 3, 4, 8, 10
Listen to her music here:

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Inns Boston, Massachusetts

thanks for listening


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Track Name: Old Things
everything you own
has been sold

you moved away
so i'm told

i'm old

i can't see clearly anymore
Track Name: Blister
it's not that i've grown up
more grown out
of comfort with my friends
who don't like me now

all of our old bars
feel full of age
can we go somewhere
new for a change?

maybe i can get used to this
i don't think i can get used to this

the world is starting to shrink
closing out
where i used to just show up
i can't go now

seems as if my limbs
have grown apart
went off on their own
a brand new start

i'll be in my car

maybe i can get used to this
i don't think i can get used to this
Track Name: Making Sense
i feel ashamed
sleeping on your couch
let me figure out
what i need to do today

i'm wide awake
regretting half of my life
is that just the plight
of twenty three years old

but i guess i can't complain

i could use a break
from living in my head
i like what you said
let's try another place

you always are
the one i hope is around
when i feel down
under eleven feet of snow

but i guess i can't complain

if there is time i'd like to find
a quiet place for us to talk

they said you bled; i played with your head
that was not right; i was not nice
Track Name: Be Nice
i'm losing control
to an open door
i thought it would happen
a little later in life

i'm moving away
and that's okay
i just can't sit here
and have nothing to say

why do you do this why do you do this
why do you do this to what i built on my own
where will i end up where will i end up
where will i end up will i like it when i'm old

remember the beach
i drove all week
now i'm so tired
i can barely speak

i laid down
right in the sand
you said that i can't
ever keep my plans

why do you do this why do you do this
why do you do this to what i built on my own
where will i end up where will i end up
where will i end up will i like it when i'm old
Track Name: Morning
in the morning
in the shower
i scrub myself clean

i look out
of the window
at all the good things to see
Track Name: Party Talk
you said i'll end up where
i really want to
and that was very kind

i'm okay, i thank god
you and i
are only temporary

i'll try to understand
when it's out of my hands

do you think that my dog
misses me
it sure would help me sleep

if i stay i have to look at you
but if i go
you'll just talk about me
Track Name: Above
i know it might not be a normal opinion
but i think life moves too slow
you could tell when i felt far from healthy
and that says more than you think

but i swear, i can't find it anywhere
maybe we can recreate what we lived those days

i was too young and a little selfish
to care for something big
i know that she went somewhere, somewhere great
still i'm sure it's hard to sleep

but i swear, soon you will be everywhere
you are bigger than this place, I think of you everyday
Track Name: Pet
lost at the water park
feeling heavy alone
i'll follow my new friend
and see if he takes me home

i'm slow to start
water in my pipes
can't seem to find my spark
can someone turn on the lights

i think i just might

no i will not stay beyond my pay
it doesn't have to be hard
Track Name: My Body
on my dashboard
can't ignore you anymore

here i am
blocking you out
but i can taste her in my mouth

i will rise
in shame
by tomorrow you'll forget my name

ripped it off
like a bandaid
now my body doesn't feel the same
Track Name: Sentimental
i'd like you to tell me something
about your life
that i don't know

we have grown a little older
and a little less close

do you have a minute?
here i go again

in my head we are there
in the pool
we are wet

take me there and tell me something
something new

i might just go

i will be a little better
as your brother
this time around

here i go again

this will be our favorite year
i'll show you
the things i make

do these thoughts cross your mind?
do you have time?

let's just go